JCom Special Section: Nanotechnologies and emerging cultural spaces for the public communication of science and technologies

A SPECIAL SECTION OF THE “JOURNAL OF SCIENCE COMMUNICATION”, Edited by P. Magaudda, Jcom 11(04) – December 2012. Nanotechnologies and emerging cultural spaces for the public communication of science and technologies

In the last decade, social studies of nanotechnology have been characterized by a specific focus on the role of communication and cultural representations.  Scholars have documented a proliferation of the forms through which this research area has been represented, communicated and debated within different social contexts. This Jcom section concentrates on the proliferation of cultural spaces where nanotechnologies are articulated and shaped in society. The intent is that of showing how these different cultural spaces — with their specific features and implications — raise multiple issues and involve distinct perspectives concerning nanotechnology. More specifically, the articles presented in the section outline and characterize three different cultural spaces where nanotechnologies are communicated: science museums, hackerspaces and the web. The overall section’s argumentation is that the study of the  communication of nanotechnology requires to consider a multiplicity of different cultural spaces and, moreover, that the attention to the differences existing between these spaces is a powerful perspective to explore and make sense of the varieties of ways in which nanotechnologies circulate in society.

Paolo Magaudda
Nanotechnologies and emerging cultural spaces for the public communication of science and technologies: an introduction

Brice Laurent
Science museums as political places. Representing nanotechnology in European science museums

Denisa Kera
NanoŠmano Lab in Ljubljana: disruptive prototypes and experimental governance of nanotechnologies in the hackerspaces

Andrea Lorenzet
Fear of being irrelevant? Science communication and nanotechnology as an ‘internal’ controversy




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