“Young People and the Smartphone Everyday Life on the Small Screen” (Palgrave, 2022)

My new book on how youth people use the smartphone, written with my colleagues Michela Drusian and Marco Scarcelli, has been published by Palgrave. Schermata 2022-08-11 alle 17.00.32The book is titled Young People and the Smartphone Everyday Life on the Small Screen and provides up-to-date knowledge on smartphone research in social sciences, giving detailed and fascinating insights into the everyday use of smartphones and questions common-sense vision of practices like shopping, music, photography carried out by youth people.

From the back cover:

“Smart, highly accessible and fully grounded in empirical research, this book provides essential insight into the role that smart phones play in young people’s everyday lives.”
—Susanna Paasonen, Professor of Media Studies, University of Turku

“Each chapter introduces current research on various aspects of the smartphone experience and provides insightful examples of how young adults evaluate and engage with these devices. Students will appreciate this very contemporary material.”

— Leslie Haddon, London School of Economics

In recent years, smartphones and digital platforms have become essential to our lives and are now inextricably interwoven into the everyday practices of millions, especially young people. Focusing on smartphone practices and experiences of youth today, this volume is the result of empirical research based on focus groups and in-depth interviews with young people aged 18-30. Grounded in media theory and analyzed through a blended lens of media and science and technology studies, the book offers detailed and fascinating insights into the everyday use of smartphones. Topics covered include the role of the smartphone as material technology, its use in interpersonal relationships, photographic practices, music and consumer practices, along with the deconstruction of the notion of smartphone ‘addiction’.

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