Winter School 2019: Knowledge at risk, University of Padova

Winter School – Times and Spaces of Globalization
7th edition, organized by NEXT GENERATION GLOBAL STUDIES (NGGS)
in collaboration with University of Padova – University of Trento – Scholars at Risk international network.

The 2019 edition of the Winter School ‘Times and Spaces of Globalization’ addresses the many challenges to knowledge development and dissemination in times of crises, conflict, globalization and digital transformations. Particular attention is paid on higher education institutions, on their role and responsibilities, as well as on the initiatives they can activate to protect and support students and researchers in their activities.

February 20 | Aula Seminari 29.30 – 12.30

Technologies at risk and the risks of technology

The session deals with the pursuit of knowledge, ownership of knowledge, dissemination of knowledge and utilization of knowledge in global and digitally mediatized contexts. By focusing on the wagers as well as on the opportunities of harnessing the knowledge-potential of digital technologies, presentations will touch upon controversial issues such as: Copyright or open access? Data cation or governing the commons? Are the innovations in information and communication technologies really implementing the emancipation of human beings? How is knowledge changing inside this process? Are technological transformations producing a post-human being?

CHAIR: Mauro Farnesi Camellone


Paolo Magaudda | Knowledge Infrastructures: power, practices, data

David Burigana | Outer Space techno-sciences: a mission for all mankind?

Arne Hintz | Teaching and studying data cation

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